University President’s Forum

The 9th WTA University Presidents’ Forum

  • Date/Time: 21 September 2016 / 14:00~18:00
  • Venue: Room No. 1001, GWB, PUSPIPTEK
  • Theme: The Role of Higher Education to Support the Global Competitiveness based on Local Wisdom

Proposed Topics

  • Linkage Between University and Industry: STP Development Context

One of the most important factors for developing STP is linkage between university and industry. University is a source of human capital that has knowledge to support industries for developing their products. Therefore, it is important to make linkage between university and industry. The way to linkage is integrating curriculum and all the activities in universities with the needs of industry, without neglecting the vision and mission of its university. This session will discuss experiences and lessons learned from integrating the needs of industry into the university’s activities, the role of a university in the context of the STP environment, etc.

  • The Link and Match of Universities and STPs

A science and technology park (STP) has two main objectives. The first is to act as a catalyst for regional economic development, while the second relates to facilitating the creation and development of new technology-based companies and knowledge transfer from universities to industries. Hence, universities have important role in STPs. Universities are suppliers of human resources, ideas, and technology for the support and development of industrial product in STPs. This session will discuss how university play a role in STP, how university could provide technology that can be commercialized and support industry in STP, etc.

  • Developing business incubator at university for student entrepreneurship

In this era, university should pay attention to the needs of industry. University should not only teach but also develop products that can be used by industry or community. To support this, university needs to develop the business incubator. Existing students or alumni can utilize the incubator, which can help them enter the world and make interaction with industry and business. After completing their study, they would be equipped with necessary skills to contribute to the innovation and creation of new businesses. This forum will discuss about how to set up university business incubator, sharing experience working with business incubator, etc.