The Tangerang Selatan Hi-Tech Fair and Business Meeting, as part of the Global Innovation Forum WTA 2016, aims to introduce and promote innovative products from research institutes, universities, and businesses as well as to explore cooperation among these actors in a Business Meeting forum.

Promotion and cooperation among the actors will boost the development of innovative products for the well-being of the entire society. Innovation in the field of energy, food technology, agriculture, engineering, health and medicine, defence and security, maritime, and , transportation should aspire to the benefit of general public as well as businesses. The products innovation should meet the needs of people and generate profits to the business in sustainable way, an investment in innovation for sustainable development.


Investment in Innovation for Sustainable Development”


  • To introduce and promote innovative products made by research institutions, universities and enterprises.
  • To exchange information and explore collaboration among the scientists, exhibitors and investors.
  • To facilitate cooperation between the exhibitors and investors.


Exhibition Hall, Puspiptek Serpong,

Tangerang Selatan City,

21-22 September 2016


  • ICT
  • Food Technology and Agriculture
  • Transportation
  • Energy
  • Health and Medicine
  • Security and Defence
  • Maritime
  • Advance Material